Open Mindedness; Endless Possibilities 

Open Mindedness; Endless Possibilities

I have ALWAYS been that girl! The one that said yes to nearly every spontaneous act a friend suggested or I created. If I wanted it, I was willing to work very hard to get it, do it, or try it. Risk has not been a fear of mine. Even, I suppose when it should have been. From motorcycles, sailboats, fast cars, business ventures, decisions, travels, and relationships, new adventures were never far – around every corner, every turn, and even in my thoughts. Newness, it all equals adventure to me.

The same applies, most of the time in my friendships.  I find if I have few expectations, there are even fewer disappointments. I have always said, ‘judgement is intended for courtrooms.’ Being as nonjudgmental as possible fills me with freedom. Freedom to see beyond the surface, freedom to learn, freedom to feel, freedom to love, live, explore. Freedom to think and to wonder.

For me, open mindedness has afforded some of the best experiences of my life. It has also allowed me to find positive in what may have been negative situations; death of my brother early in life, my father, grandmother, love of my life, close friends and other family members that have passed on. Open mindedness and non judgmental behavior allowed me to deal better with unsuccessful business ventures, the painful ending of relationships, the near death experience of Dude, (my dog and bestie), and my children’s teenage years, their pain and sorrow, and my own teenage years for that matter.

Bev & Dude

Bev, a downtown staple: ‘I love Dude so much, he makes me so happy I cry’.

I wish EVERY day, every human being would at least once per day, think more of someone else, than they do of themselves and show it. That person you were just critiquing, criticizing, or giving ‘the eye’ to (?) don’t judge, we have no idea what’s happening in their life.

I am thankful for my disposition because it has allowed for endless diversity in my friends, creativity in my thought process, and crazy fun adventures!

I am California bound very soon. More than one person recently judged and stated, ‘how can you leave your family, I could NEVER do that’. Well, I’m not leaving my family. I am experiencing new. I want to see what I can see. They are grown. They will visit, I will visit, but mostly, I will continue with my adventures in life – of culture, humanity, mountains, ocean, sunshine and newness as I continue to age and life whips on by. My adventures, also allow for adventures with my children as they visit and explore new with their children!

Writer Julia George: You have a nomadic way about you….always ready and brave enough to move on to the next great adventure, leaving a trail of tears behind. California’s gain, Michigan’s loss.

I am open minded, who knows when and where I will end up.  If I can’t bear to be away from my family, friends, and the four seasons in Michigan, well, then I’ll be back sooner rather than later! I have done it before and may well do it again. I love that freedom!

Not all of my adventures are entirely positive, however if I can find SOME positive in what might otherwise may have been negative, I will continue to move forward and not look back.IMG_1270

Children rarely judge, and if loved and nurtured, every day is an exciting adventure for them.

Namaste to all!

They Don’t Look Anymore

After a wonderful dinner that included a heavenly margarita, my girlfriend and I stood outside in the parking lot talking about life. It was a crisp, sunny, fall evening and simply perfect for a female bonding conversation.

CC’s words had quite a lasting impression, as it is two weeks later and here I am pondering it.

We talked about online dating, men we have dated and also the difference in dating after the age of 40 and 50. My comment, ‘I prefer meeting someone for the first time in person rather than online. You have an opportunity to assess any attraction, watch their mannerism and of course flirt!’ CC’s comment; ‘Well, they don’t look anymore so I’m not likely to catch someone’s eye.’ Her statement made me think and also made me feel sad for her and the rest of aging singles. Sure, I don’t get the looks that I did while in my twenties and thirties, but when I was in my twenties and thirties, I rarely noticed and still rarely pay attention anyway!

I was born with an above average dose of self confidence, but still, the thought of not being attractive (both inside and out) to the point of not being noticed for the rest of my life (even via my award winning personality 🙂 ) leaves me just a tad bit anxious and feeling quite selfish. I have lived my life independently, yet with my choice of partners. I’m quite comfortable with who and where I am today, but do wonder if I will reach a point when I’m not.

My former Father-In-Law passed away a few days ago. They were married more than sixty five years and rarely spent a day apart. Recently and just one day prior to his death, his wife shared, ‘I haven’t slept separate from him in as long a time as I can remember. I am going to miss talking with him and feeling his body next to mine.’ She is nearly ninety years old and all I could think of, ‘They don’t look anymore.’