Street Lamps

IMG_6942.JPGAlways the first signs
spring, summer, fall and winter.
Throughout the course
of our seasons
red Robins
hoot of an owl
reminds me…
that one tree that sways
without even the hint of a breeze
reminds me…

At night as I drive along city or country roads, the street lamp goes out and I say hello back to you. In my mind, clearly, there is no other reason for one single lamp to quickly dim other than for you to let me know that you’re watching over me.

How many people silently miss the ones that they’ve lost? It’s isolating. Not something we talk about or share with others. We like happy, not sad.

I wonder, will we be reunited with our lost loves? I like to think it will be one magnificent reunion. The thought soothes and makes me smile.

In Memory: Julie, Lloyd, Alice, Steve, Gladys, Dad, Alan, Doug, Shirley, Normy, Richard, Dude, Lisa, Mama, Pat A., Libby, Duane


2 thoughts on “Street Lamps

  1. Those “dears” who are no longer in this life…i feel their presence almost daily, sometimes when i call upon them, and at other times it’s an out of the blue and very palpable sense of a hand resting upon my shoulder that gives me an assurance that all is well, all will be well. And their have been visions, not dreams, as well.
    i so love the way you put it; “one magnificent reunion”…as that is what i truly believe in. As to how it will transpire, i am not sure. Whether it will be truly “seeing” one another, or perhaps just the melding of energy of love, spirit & soul into a oneness in the ethers. Who knows…and i need not speculate or define it, but only need to open myself to the great adventure of wonder that awaits us all.

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