Big Joe and the Incident.


It’s our first day at Glacier NP and the Airstream is as level as it’s going to get at this campsite. (I may feel as though I’m going to roll out of bed but it’s doubtful.) 🙂 We’re stoked to get out on the hiking trails tomorrow but first, drive the Going to the Sun Road and also scope out the trail heads,

Back at the campsite, we’re hungry and tired. I made basil pesto pasta and a huge mixed green salad with fresh beets, walnuts and blue cheese.

As you might imagine, food preparation and clean up in a small space such as the Stream requires organization and efficiency. I love the efficiency aspect as it’s challenging and rewarding. I’m also quite good at it being a backpacker. I appreciate that the Stream has more counter space along with a larger bathroom than most campers not to mention the Stream is also equipped with a furnace and a water heater.

While I’ve washed plenty of dishes with sand and lake water, being a backpacker, hot water is never taken for granted while preparing non dehydrated foods.

I wish I had a video of what occurred next; As I’m at the kitchen sink, running hot water to wash and rinse our dishes, I notice something out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turn around toward the sight and sound to see water gushing from an area under the shower. As quick as I can, I shut off the water pump, yell for Kevin (to do what, I have no idea as I had no idea what to do myself), let out an expletive or two and then study the source of gushing water. BTW, if you weren’t aware, RV’s and boats REALLY SHOULD NOT get wet on the interior. Yah, seriously. :). Well, I discover the source, the water hose was an after market and was not intended for hot water. ‘It’s impressive that it lasted as long as it did’, according to our new friend Big Joe.

Our camping neighbors, Joe and Linda, invited us over to their campfire and I explained the explosion of water. Do know that they have had their share of problems with vehicles and such this week as well. Big Joe kindly extended an offer to look at the problem. Hours later, we determined it would require a three-hour round trip drive into the closet town that had a hardware store and we would have to leave at daybreak as we are moving to Many Glacier Campground and need to make this transition by 11am. Joe measured and remeasured the plumbing pipe that I would need and I felt quite confident I could replace the piece myself once back with the part.

Seven HOURS later, down the narrow mountain, up the narrow mountain and around the huge Glacier from east to west and west to east we were back, and while the tubing I purchased wasn’t ideal, big Joe and I did our best. After we had it all fitted, we turned on the water and GUSH! Here we go again!

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Okay, a few more adjustments and many hours later with Big Joe’s head stuck in a 12″ x 18″ cabinet and fitting a hose and clamp in a 4″ area, it’ll do and I’ll simply use the water conservatively.

Love Big Joe and his wife Linda. I’m looking forward to their visit to Michigan this fall.

You’ll want to read about Linda’s Mom, Gertie in an upcoming blog. 🙂