Banff Canada in a Day – No Thank You Lake Louise




Fifteen hours of driving (not riding) and here we are at Daisy May Campground – Fort Macleod, Canada. Roughly one hundred miles back to the USA border, which btw we were called off to the side for investigation early this morning. OF COURSE!

Banff NP in Canada is breathtaking and it reminds me of regions of what I imagine Alaska to be, however, Lake Louise? NO Thank you. Upon arrival it was clear that Lake Louise had become yet another HUGE tourist attraction. There were more cars than people in all of Glacier so it seemed. We didn’t even park, well we couldn’t, as they didn’t have RV parking for the Stream, but I wouldn’t have anyway. Regardless of the beauty of the lake, somehow more than a thousand people crowed together to look at it, left me very sad.

Only six hours south of Banff in Glacier, my purpose was to check it out for a future adventure and so shall it be…right after I climb Half Dome. We intended two days at Banff (which btw isn’t nearly enough time), but we were diggin’ the hikes and Many Glacier so much, we unanimously decided to stay at GNP. Our campsite was not lacking SPECTACULAR viewage!

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4 thoughts on “Banff Canada in a Day – No Thank You Lake Louise

  1. i too was very disheartened when i went to “experience” Lake Louise back in 1996. it was a far cry from the romantic & inspired old song “The Blue Candadian Rockies” that had fed my fantasies for decades. of course, i knew the beautiful landmark hotel was there, but was totally flabbergasted what extended beyond that (parking lots! tour buses and other general ugliness).

    so, i made the best of a dirty rotten gyp. i made it down to the shoreline and just did my damnedest to blot out everything behind me, and focus on the still splendorous view across the lake and into the peaks beyond, and envision what it must’ve looked like 100 years ago….i think i got there! unfortunately by the simple act of turning around and heading back to my truck, the imainary took on a harsh reality in nothing flat. at least i have a b&w photo, that i took with an old fashioned 1920”-30″s belows camera, that echoes the dream i spent in another time at this tarnished, yet still awesome locale.
    travelling mercies, my vagabond friend.


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