Texas Town Runs Out Of Water – Fracking

Yes, I’m a tree hugger, star lover and I respect my earth. Yes, my earth. All of us that live on it and use it – it belongs to us and we should respect it and care.

While traveling in states that are heavy in fracking, I constantly hear, ‘it is good for the State as it brings in billions of dollars.’ It does, but the people don’t receive billions or even hundreds. The towns are filthy, the general public are poor and the night sky is illuminated with fire and smoke. The housing dates back to slavery days, and like the slaves, nearly all of their money pays rent. (Back to the oil companies)

Be ashamed Texas, North Dakota and so many other states.

Texas town runs out of water due to fracking.

Mostly Cloudy With a 100% Chance of Fracking

Mostly Cloudy With 100 Percent Chance of Fracking.

Late start out of Apostle Islands – like 1:00 pm late start. Organic blueberries from home and organic flour along with fresh eggs right out of the chicken’s butt, made for an awesome breakfast, with Lake Superior just a few feet from us.

Staying in Crookston, MN tonight and blowing through North Dakota tomorrow due to the fracking. NO desire to get caught up in the traffic, trying to find a place for the Stream or mass numbers of people. I hope to be amused for at least tenĀ minutes.

We met a part time RV’er that solo travels around the USA named Linda, and she carries a motorcycle on the back of her 35 foot RV. Very independent and cool lady. Never married, no children (other than the two cats, Whiskey and one that I call Shy Guy. I made Linda blueberry pancakes also.





Good bye ND, I know you MUST have beautiful landscape, I just didn’t see it. Helllooo Montana!