Mostly Cloudy With a 100% Chance of Fracking

Mostly Cloudy With 100 Percent Chance of Fracking.

Late start out of Apostle Islands – like 1:00 pm late start. Organic blueberries from home and organic flour along with fresh eggs right out of the chicken’s butt, made for an awesome breakfast, with Lake Superior just a few feet from us.

Staying in Crookston, MN tonight and blowing through North Dakota tomorrow due to the fracking. NO desire to get caught up in the traffic, trying to find a place for the Stream or mass numbers of people. I hope to be amused for at least tenĀ minutes.

We met a part time RV’er that solo travels around the USA named Linda, and she carries a motorcycle on the back of her 35 foot RV. Very independent and cool lady. Never married, no children (other than the two cats, Whiskey and one that I call Shy Guy. I made Linda blueberry pancakes also.





Good bye ND, I know you MUST have beautiful landscape, I just didn’t see it. Helllooo Montana!


Beauty and Humanity

Seven hundred miles into our five thousand mile Streamin’ adventure, we woke in one of my favorite towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Munising. Of course one of the reasons it’s a favorite, other than Lake Superior (the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface) is the Falling Rock Bookstore and Cafe. Amazing people, fireworks, coffee, great food, and BOOKS! Lots and lots of books!

Eight hours and four hundred and fifty miles west, we unintentionally ended up at Apostle Islands of National Lakeshore and it is beautiful, quaint, and very much reminds me of the Eastern Seaboard with its historical charm.

The Stream and I were ecstatic to finally find a peaceful location directly on the banks of Lake Superior, after nine hours of driving in and out of rain with very little food and nearly running out of gasoline. We now have warmth and sunshine!

Looking around at our camping neighbors and my friend Kevin, I am pleasantly reminded that traveling isn’t all about the beautiful landscape but also the diversity of our people encompassing all ethnic backgrounds, sizes, shapes, personalities and whatever may be happening in their personal lives.

Cozy in my little 1975 – 21’foot Airstream, belly full of freshly harvested organic food( traveling with me from my garden), a bon-fire, thousands of bright stars, I am blurry eyed, falling asleep, content with a smile, looking forward to yet another crisp fall day full of adventure.


If There’s a Sticker, I Want One

If There’s a Sticker, I Want One

US 2 begins in Michigan and I’m excited to experience it nearly in its entirety with two of my good friends, Kevin and my Stream. Of course spending two weeks nearly around the clock with someone rather than something [Airstream] usually presents itself with an adventure all its own. šŸ˜

A five thousand mile road trip with the climax being half way through this journey, rather than near the end as with most books; Glacier, Montana and Banff, Canada.

I asked Kevin on a Sunday if he was interested and ten days later we were on our way. Now that’s the way I like to roll! Spontaneity at its best.

US 2 – East to West, I’m lookin’ forward to hangin’ with you for a while, and I want a US 2 sticker!